An evil mastermind and leader of his own empire with a goal to take over the world. All of his machines are built for destruction! With them there is no retreat! He loves to destroy the blue one you know he is just an obstacle that always gets in his way! A genius at heart! Dr. Ivo Robotnik AKA the Eggman!


Eggman views himself as perfect in every way. He also views himself superior to everyone. He has quite the temper and usually takes his anger out on his own robots. Eggman is also self centered caring for himself over others and building statues of himself in his bases.


Eggman's greatest and most well known ability is his IQ of 300. He is able to make an entire army of robots and vast array of weapons and hi-tech inventions. He also makes mechs for him to ride in to engage his enemies. The most famous being his Death Egg Robot.